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Cross-Sell's MarketINTEL report is now available for Q4 2020, with complete 2020 data. Get access to the most comprehensive data in the industry and learn more about your automotive market trends with meeting-ready reports that allow you to easily understand who and what is selling in your market. Compare year-over-year performance to create a strategy that will all you to sell more units based on what is actually happening in your market.

The MarketINTEL Report Includes:

  • Segmented Local Data 
  • Trends by Make & Model
  • New & Used Data
  • Data Specific to Your Dealership & Market
  • 2020 Full-Year Data Report
  • And More!


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Competitive Insights

Discover how your competitors' year-over-year performance.

  • Get visual data to easily identify who your biggest competition is
  • Know exactly which makes and models are moving most in your market

Save Time & Grow Your Market Share

Align your sales, marketing and operations teams with accurate data designed exclusively for dealerships to easily measure and improve their performance.

  • Identify and conquest your competitors based on new and used sales data
  • Advertise where it counts by identifying top models and zips for your dealership and your competitors

Easy-to-read charts, comparative graphs, and detailed heat mapping


Segment sale volume by dealer & owner ZIP code


Lienholder data by ZIP code for New & Used vehicles 

Trusted by 2,000+ Dealerships Nationwide

"To be successful in the highly competitive car business we must know our market and our competitors. The monthly Cross-Sell report and the quarterly MarketINTEL report are critical tools for evaluating our performance. I highly recommend both of these products."


General Sales Manager, St. Louis, MO

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